Executing development projects is becoming increasingly complex as municipalities introduce local hiring legislation, community benefit programs, and multiple approval phases all of which may require community inclusion in project approval and implementation. This trend in development has created the need for professional services designed to navigate the nuances of these complex issues. RDJ’s services allow our clients to meet and exceed these legislative and policy goals and bring major projects to completion.

Public Outreach and Engagement
Central to positioning our clients and their projects in a positive light with residents, community leaders and legislators is the creation of a framework that allows them to see the mutual benefits inherent in what the capital project that is under consideration will do for the local community. RDJ’s staff uses innovative strategies to communicate with and inform stakeholders about who our clients are and the value they bring to the community. We create community-specific engagement campaigns that are geared toward building the support necessary for project sponsors to move conceptual projects through both public and government approval processes.  RDJ’s public engagement & outreach practice includes:

  • Public Relations
  • Tailored Outreach Campaigns
  • Construction Relations
  • Community Relations & Consensus Building
  • Conflict Resolution & Crisis Management
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Social Networking & Electronic Communication
  • Special Events Planning and Management

Workforce Development
Increasingly, municipalities are searching for development projects that can act as catalysts for their local economies. This means that developers are being asked to demonstrate their commitment to long-term economic success and the creation of viable communities by adhering to local hiring policy and legislation, which requires the creation of workforce pipelines. RDJ works with our clients to develop and implement community workforce agreements (Project Labor Agreements) that establish reasonable goals for community participation in economic, housing and workforce development efforts. We use our knowledge and relationships with local unions, community service providers, and government staff and decision makers to ensure that the workforce plan for our clients’ projects meet their business objectives while complying with local hiring policies and legislation. We position your clients as a community partner that understands local need and demonstrates a desire to assist in the community revitalization process while still considering its bottom line.

We create win-win strategies through the thoughtful creation of workforce development pipelines that include:

  • Partnership Development
  • Project Labor Agreement Negotiations
  • Training Program Development, Monitoring and Compliance
    (Pre-Apprenticeship, On-the-Job Training , Vocational Training)
  • Job Readiness & placement
  • Labor Relations
  • Local Hiring Vetting

Business Outreach & Recruitment
As with local hiring agreements, many municipalities require that developers use local, minority, and disadvantaged businesses as contractors and vendors on their development projects. RDJ uses its extensive knowledge of Human Rights Commission, Small Business Commission, local, state, and federal regulations to ensure that our clients’ partner with a diverse group of local businesses and meets or exceed all applicable contracting goals. We recruit and screen competent, experienced L/D/MBEs who add value to our clients’ projects.   RDJ’s Business Diversity & Recruitment services include:

  • LBE Assessment & “Pre-Qualification”
  • Business Outreach & Recruitment
  • S/LBE Equity Program Development & Implementation


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