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RDJ Enterprises is a multifaceted professional services company specializing in the development and administration of public engagement campaigns, business diversity and workforce development programs. Established in 2003, RDJ Enterprises is a privately owned, San Francisco-based, certified L/MBE company that is committed to working with its private and public sector clients and the communities that they serve in achieving capital project completion while maximizing community benefits. Our mission is to design and implement programs that help our clients complete projects on time and within budget while achieving enhanced community benefits and maximum stakeholder participation.

RDJ Enterprises understands the complexities of building capital projects in urban centers where resources are scarce and community need is high. We specialize in developing and executing innovative and customized strategies that result in successful development, infrastructure and transportation projects and position our clients as both industry and community leaders.

In today’s business environment, sponsors of capital projects face increased government oversight and must ensure maximum engagement and participation of the communities in which they work.  Many times, government regulations and community needs appear incompatible with the objectives of the project sponsor and therefore barriers to project completion. RDJ Enterprises believes it is possible to find common ground amongst competing interests of the disparate and varied stakeholders involved in today’s complex development market. It is our mission to ensure that our clients achieve maximum results while creating positive, long-term relationships with the communities in which they do business. Our founder, Dwayne Jones, understands that a comprehensive and inclusive approach is necessary to cultivate public, private and community support for capital projects to build a shared vision that drives project completion and success.

RDJ is uniquely qualified to seamlessly integrate the needs of government, business, and community stakeholders to ensure that projects successfully move from concept to completion. RDJ Enterprises has a proven track record of doing just that through the delivery of the following services:

  • Public Outreach & Engagement:  Public engagement and cross-cultural communication is imperative in garnering community support and project approval in today’s development market. It is this communication that allows developers in urban centers to understand the climate and context of the communities in which they are going to do business. RDJ’s has a team of innovative leaders who build rapport and lasting relationships with stakeholders, laying the groundwork for long-term support for its clients’ projects and goodwill between project sponsors and impacted communities. More

  • Workforce Development: A competent workforce yields several benefits for our clients and the projects that they develop. Our team’s mastery of workforce development design and execution strategies, with local hiring as the focal point, allows our clients to recruit and train invested workers who want their employer’s efforts to succeed. We specialize in training program development, labor relations, community workforce agreement negotiations and other strategies that build upon the common interests of the community, labor organizations, local government and our clients. RDJ team members have worked in both the public and private sector creating, implementing, and analyzing job development projects and are a part of the national discussion on how to build a strong and sustainable workforce across sectors and industries. More

  • Business Recruitment: As with local hiring agreements, many municipalities require that sponsors of major projects use local, minority, and disadvantaged businesses as contractors and vendors on their capital projects. RDJ uses its extensive knowledge of Human Rights Commission, Small Business Commission, local, state, and federal regulations to ensure that our clients’ projects meet all local and diversity hiring requirements. We recruit and screen competent and experienced L/D/MBEs that are able to independently fulfill their contractual obligations and add value to the project team. More

RDJ’s understanding of the diverse needs of the various stakeholders involved with major projects is not only based upon its long-standing experience working with community residents, departmental staff, developers and unions to bring capital projects to completion.  RDJ is a San Francisco-based, certified L/MBE company and has first-hand knowledge of the challenges and opportunities inherent in the prime contractor and SBE working relationship.  RDJ holds the following list of certifications which contributes to its ability to design and implement business diversity recruitment strategies that builds capacity for SBEs while meeting the business needs of our clients.     


  • Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) MBE Certification
  • California Certified MBE
  • California Public Utility Commission Supplier Clearinghouse Certification
  • California Unified Certification DBE Program (CUCP)
  • Certified Vendor of the City and County San Francisco
  • San Francisco County Transportation Authority D/LBE
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission LBE
  • San Francisco Human Rights Commission (HRC) LBE
  • San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Certified SBE
  • Small Business Administration Small Disadvantage Business Certification (SDB)


  • Bayview Merchant Association
  • National Association of Workforce Development Professionals
  • San Francisco African American Chamber of Commerce
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce
  • San Francisco Public Relations Association

Small Business Tips

#1 Give Back to the Community
Small Business is a vital part of communities where they operate. Hiring locally, underwriting local events, education and sports programs helps build a sense of community and fosters good will.

#2. Establish Community Presence
Becoming part of the community is important. Maintaining a office provides a genuine place of access for information, questions and creates local employment opportunities. When a company maintains presence in a community it increases the likelihood that they will participate in activities beyond the scope of the business endeavors.

#3. Develop Business Mentorships
Business mentorship-protégé programs to help explain and promote future community entrepreneurs to start their own businesses. Mentorships are significant opportunities to assist in community stabilization. The program offers opportunities for local businesses to receive job experience from experienced mentors and industry leaders who are committed to helping aspiring contractors grow professionally. These programs demonstrate a Company’s strong commitment to supporting efforts that help support the long-term success of the community.


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